School kids learn on-site how underground heat storage works

Sixth grade children visited the construction site of the newly built geothermal storage at the Lichtwiese campus in Darmstadt.

This was part of a school project week, in which we introduced the pupils to the Institute of Applied Geosciences at the Technical University of Darmstadt. The focus was on practical research and its contribution to preventing climate change.

At the boreholes, our researchers explained the subsurface heat storage and demonstrated the local geological situation with rock samples.

Drilling company Handke Brunnenbau showed the on-site drilling equipment and the installation of the inner pipes in the 750 m deep boreholes.

To ensure safety of all visitors, works and activities were put on hold during the visit.

During the visit, the children were very enthusiastic about geoscience and its benefits for humans and the environment.

School kids visit Darmstadt site

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