Pilot drilling at the Litoměřice site has started!

The long awaited drilling of two research wells began last week in Litoměřice, starting with the core well of 550 meters deep. Litoměřice belongs to one of the six pilot sites in Europe where research on the use of the underground for seasonal thermal energy storage is being carried out.

In Litoměřice, a Borehole Thermal Energy Storage  (BTES) will be developed, reaching depths of 100 to 500 meters in 2025. The pilot drilling of two research wells provides key data on the hydrogeological conditions and physical properties of the rock needed for the design of future BTES systems.

The first borehole of 550 meters will produce core samples for geological analysis and provide data on factors like permeability and rock fractures. Once completed, the borehole will be equipped with a distributed temperature sensing fibre optic cable (DTS), measuring the thermal conditions in the borehole profile. This allows for long-term monitoring of the thermal impact of future BTES storage. The second borehole will reach a depth of 200 meters, and is intended to be an open borehole with a perforated casing at the bottom part. This enables long-term monitoring of hydrogeological conditions and continuous water sampling.

Both boreholes are essential for ensuring the safe operation of the BTES systems and obtaining permits for future projects. The drilling and measurements are being handled by a German company called H. Anger’s Sons and are expected to be completed within three months, with initial results available by mid-year.

To mark the start of the drilling process. a press conference was held at the site supported by the entire Czech PUSH-IT team. Apart from the national, regional and local media, representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Ústecký region and the Town of Litoměřice also participated at the event. Alexandr Vondra, member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety from the European Parliament, was also present, highlighting the project’s innovative potential and its importance for the Czech Republic’s energy transition and its broader impact at the EU level.

Follow the website and www.rin-gen.cz to see the progress of the drilling works!

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