Recap: General Assembly in Czechia

How can we collaborate to overcome the seasonal mismatch between heat demand and heat production using underground heat storage?

This was the main question we addressed in Prague and Litomĕřice during the PUSH-IT General Assembly. In addition, consortium members discussed:

❓What progress did the PUSH-IT sites and work package teams make?

❓What are the upcoming plans?

❓And what can we learn from each other?


The teams inspired each other and offered valuable insights from their different areas of expertise: from drilling engineering and microbiology to business development and societal engagement.

The first day of the conference focused on sharing progress at the six pilot sites and work packages. The cold winter weather did not prevent us from going outside: the team of the RINGEN Research Infrastructure gave a tour of the Litomĕřice pilot site. Here, PUSH-IT’s borehole thermal energy storage will help the town to be less dependent on fossil fuels in their district heating system.

The second day was full of workshops and discussions. The topics ranged from stakeholder engagement, regulations and permits and risk mitigation, to simulation, optimising system performance, and water quality.

Besides the technological developments, the importance of collaboration and engagement was emphasized. Close cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders, such as governmental authorities, local citizens and knowledge institutions is needed for success.

Having an international community means that the six pilot sites can exchange knowledge and best practices to speed up the development of underground heat storage. And to ensure safety, commercial viability, good integration in the local energy system, and proper public engagement.

Besides the interesting discussions, the assembly was a good way to get to know each other.

Our gratitude goes towards Czech Geological Survey for hosting the assembly and of course to all 46 participants for contributing to the discussions.

This wraps up the first year of the project 🎉 – we’re looking forward to continuing collaborating for three more years!

PUSH-IT members gather in front of the RINGEN Research Infrastructure in Litomerice, Czechia

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